RAJINI (is short for RANDOM JINI), but we are also fans of Rajnikanth (shortly also known as RAJINI), who is a superstar from India with a worldwide following and we the RAJINI fans decided to make a crypto thriller that's fast, cheaper, secure, and most importantly carbon negative in the form of RJN token built on Algorand platform.

Algorand greatness lies in a key idea called VRF (verifiable random function) and one-way function that's part of the Pure proof of stake consensus mechanism, designed by Dr. Silvio Micali and Algorand team, Dr. Silivio Micali is a professor from MIT University and a Turing prize winner., The RANDOMNESS approach in picking the node for consensus is what inspired us to pick Algorand as our no 1 choice and name the project as RAJINI (RA-Random, JINI-magic).

RAJINI stands for the magic of randomness.

On top of this amazing technology, we the RAJINI fans from the crypto world decided to build a one-of-a-kind platform for NFTs, MEMEs, games. This entire project is a community effort of crypto experts, artists, and brilliant minds, one way we are an open-source organization with no central leader, and we believe in the power of decentralization and the power of the RAJINI.

RAJINI fans: We like to serve the world by applying the most promising technologies such as Algorand. The RAJINI tribe believes that Algorand is the most awesome blockchain out there, truly solving the trilemma problem and we wanted to empower the world and safeguard the world from centralized tyrants, techno jingo projects, crypto elites and unleash a world of true freedom, abundance and encourage all the good things of life forever. Most importantly very easy-to-use interface for newcomers.

Now let's analyze today's coin and the token world, and you’ll realize why RAJINI decided to enter this world. For a moment, let's think over what good these coins are doing to the planet.

Bitcoin: No doubt this coin started the revolution of decentralization, but in today’s world, how many people can afford it? Is this for the rich? Is this for ransom attackers? Is this for people with negative energy? How much this coin is polluting this world? what a burden on planet earth. Is this going to be good in the future or is it going to be for the rich investors, capitalists, and all the corporate companies who want to keep it pumping until they decide to dump?

Did you know 3 to 4 miners control the entire Bitcoin mining in the world?

RAJINI says: Irrespective of the BTC you hold, you can't take anything to the grave. What good you do with your BTC that's what you can take to the grave, mind it.

Ethereum: The great coin and team who brought the smart contract and programmable money to the world. Did you see the growth of Ethereum in the last 1 year alone? It's staggering and mind-blowing. Is it really the future savior? Is it going to be really good? ETH 2? ETH 3? ETH 4?, my time is over, I am on the death bed, what good I did with my bag of ETH?.

RAJINI says:  ETH guys, you’re great, but not the greatest, you’ve to solve so many problems fellas, look at your transaction fees, look at the total transactions per second,  look at the no of band-aid projects around Ethereum to improve it, look at the no of copy cat Defi derivatives of solutions built on Ethereum network. At this pace, is this savior? Think about it.

RAJINI says: Even if you’re late to the party, be the latest.

RAJINI fans: What about other coins?

Rajini says: Fellas,  only pigs come in groups, whereas a lion comes single-handedly.

You the fans created RAJINI (RJN) token to take over the markets and give freedom to all the HODLers. Those who miss will miss it. Even god can't do anything for those who missed it.

"When I say it once it's equal to saying it 100 times, even if you hold 1 RJN it's equal to holding 100 all other top coins."

Don't miss this opportunity of a lifetime fellas. Participate in the RJN Sale and get your tokens.