RJN is short for RAJINI (RAndom JINI token) is an Algorand Standard Asset (ASA) token with a pre-mined supply of 150 Billion tokens. Any user from anywhere in the world can participate in getting an RJN token by sending Algos to a Rajini Network wallet address during the network token distribution stage.

Users will be incentivized to purchase RJN tokens because of the lower transaction fees and the ability to earn staking rewards.

There will be an open sale of RJNs for Algos and airdrops.

We want to reach every Algo wallet out there with RJN tokens and also bring most of the crypto enthusiasts and fans into RAJINI Network.

Total supply: 150 B RJN tokens (100%)

Initial supply: 100B RJN tokens (66.66% of total supply)

Community development & Project fan team: 25B RJN Tokens (16.67% of total supply)

RJN token sale & airdrop: 75B RJN Tokens (50% of total supply)

Future allocation & Reserve: 50B Tokens (33.34% of total supply**)**

Once the network reaches at least $1B market cap USD value. The reserve and future tokens will be activated for the purpose of community usage with annual allocation for a period of 5-10 years on proposals related to encouraging upcoming artists, sponsoring artistic-related events, creating a decentralized JINI OTT platform, and other community proposals.

The 10% of the future reserves will be donated to world social causes.